Feixiang, a history of more than 40 years after the enterprise, how many lofty dreams we need to step by step to pursue, how many huge blueprint waiting for a pen to describe you?

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  • Creating a talent to win the market leader, create organizational advantages, lead the value-oriented, mission and sense of responsibility of the talent team to support the realization of strategic objectives is to fly the continuous pursuit of talent.

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  • Group adhere to the professional development of the road, the establishment of professional management system. We firmly believe that security is the basic conditions of all production and business activities, all the daily work must be "safety first."

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  • There is no innovation on the lack of competitiveness, there is no innovation there is no value to enhance; in the "transformation and upgrading, innovation and development" under the guidance of long-term strategic objectives, flying up and down search, positive change, and always remain alive.

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  • Here is our attitude, here is the link of the link, but the closest to our heartbeat.

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    Flying since its inception in 1970 so far more than 40 years is a continuous transformation and upgrading and innovation and development process

    1970-2006,Manufacturing pull stage
    The product is relatively simple; fine management experience and system gradually established.

  • 1970

    In the town of Phoenix set up Shazhou County pesticide factory
  • 1996

    Established Jiangsu Feixiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
  • 2005

    Established Flying Chemical (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
  • 2007-2011,Market pull stageTo adapt to the times, multi-channel accumulation of international market resources

    2012-2014,Technology pull stage
    Adapt to the times, toward the field of energy conservation and environmental protection and health of new materials to expand; the establishment of incubator platform to improve the ability of independent innovation.

    2015-Now,Diversified investment phase
    Retain the core areas of chemical industry, in education, agriculture, medicine and other fields of investment; transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, towards a new era of flying.