Feixiang, a history of more than 40 years after the enterprise, how many lofty dreams we need to step by step to pursue, how many huge blueprint waiting for a pen to describe you?

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  • Creating a talent to win the market leader, create organizational advantages, lead the value-oriented, mission and sense of responsibility of the talent team to support the realization of strategic objectives is to fly the continuous pursuit of talent.

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  • Group adhere to the professional development of the road, the establishment of professional management system. We firmly believe that security is the basic conditions of all production and business activities, all the daily work must be "safety first."

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  • There is no innovation on the lack of competitiveness, there is no innovation there is no value to enhance; in the "transformation and upgrading, innovation and development" under the guidance of long-term strategic objectives, flying up and down search, positive change, and always remain alive.

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    A hundred years of feixiang, billions of flying is the tireless pursuit of flying people, and the sustainable development of enterprises can not be separated from the stable and efficient workforce, this is not overnight.

    Employee Care

    Employees are the cornerstone of everything is fundamental. No matter which job, every employee is flying to create the most important behind the wonderful wealth and supporters. We are convinced that the most appropriate care and care for our employees, the promotion of employee motivation, satisfaction, engagement and professional loyalty, and then enjoy the challenges in the professional stage and harvest the achievements of the flight for every employee should do responsibility.

    - every year we through Mercer to participate in the industry's pay and benefits market research to ensure that the company's employees in the peer industry with good competitiveness
    - We are in addition to the welfare provided by the state, and give the staff a rich holiday benefits
    - We attach importance to the health of every employee, organize a physical examination every year to ensure that employees have a good health
    - we will carry out a number of seminars, communication will come to understand the working life of staff, timely support
    - We organize sports, expand, annual meeting, family day, travel and other activities to enrich the staff of amateur life, improve cohesion
    - we organized a book club, visit the name of enterprises, management, etc. to broaden the staff's vision, learn from each other, and common progress
    - We set up trade unions to help people in difficult ways to help them in a timely manner, either financially or collectively.

    Social Welfare
    We are committed to social welfare undertakings, to hospitals, fire, schools and other social units to donate materials;
    Actively participate in community charity activities to help those who need help, contribute to the community.

    Has been obtained:

    Private enterprises large taxpayer, labor relations harmonious enterprise, model workers home, charity advanced units such as honor