Feixiang, a history of more than 40 years after the enterprise, how many lofty dreams we need to step by step to pursue, how many huge blueprint waiting for a pen to describe you?

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  • Creating a talent to win the market leader, create organizational advantages, lead the value-oriented, mission and sense of responsibility of the talent team to support the realization of strategic objectives is to fly the continuous pursuit of talent.

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  • Group adhere to the professional development of the road, the establishment of professional management system. We firmly believe that security is the basic conditions of all production and business activities, all the daily work must be "safety first."

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  • There is no innovation on the lack of competitiveness, there is no innovation there is no value to enhance; in the "transformation and upgrading, innovation and development" under the guidance of long-term strategic objectives, flying up and down search, positive change, and always remain alive.

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    EHS responsibility for the whole supply chain

    We firmly believe that security is the basic conditions of all production and business activities, all the daily work must be "safety first." Flying four factories in the EHS department under the supervision and guidance, regular regulatory compliance, job safety management, EHS training, electrical equipment management, hazardous waste, canteen management and other aspects of the implementation of the diagnosis, the factory for the existence of high Professional assessment and rectification, while improving the EHS management system to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.
    Flying companies not only the safety responsibility from top to bottom level to implement the full division, we fly to the main body, with the relevant parties (including suppliers, logistics providers, customers) win-win safety concept, to the advanced (QHSE), leading enterprises in the supply chain to improve, and jointly realize the environmental protection, safety and safety of the supply chain. Health status of the status of social responsibility commitment. 

    ISO management system is regularly reviewed

    Fei xiang has always put emphasis on the standardized management of the management system, according to the different product line customer requirements and national standards, in the chemical industry to implement ISO9001 quality assurance system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system.
    Every year, all the factories will be supervised by the supervisory department, which promoted the normality of the group level in system planning and system construction, and ensured the effectiveness of the overall management system.